My Very First Jimmy Choo

Like I said, I went to Milan. It was my very first time as well going to Milan. For me, Milan is a very special place, but only for people with loads of bucks because other than that, it’s just a bunch of stores and stores and stores. I would also recommend you guys who’s planning to go to Milan to BE CAREFUL! especially when they offer you bracelet, never accept it. Just keep walking with your eyes full of purpose and act like you know where and what are you doing. Other than that, Milan is a dream place to shop.

So, as I said it in the title, I bought my very very first Jimmy Choo. I’ve been planning this for like two weeks. I was kinda have this dilemma between Gianvito Rossi and Jimmy Choo. I know, I know I’m suppose to buy something origin from Milano like Gianvito Rossi, but I don’t know why my instinct said “JIMMY CHOO!!!!!!”. I went in to the Jimmy Choo store in MIlan and hell yeah they treat you like princess. I like how they offer the champagne and cakes and I feel very important as a customer. We all eventually know that it’s a marketing trick, but who cares?

I only have one branded heels, which is Christian Louboutin, the black super simple one. It’s been home for my feet for almost one year (I bought it on christmas 2013). And I was thinking, maybe it’s time to have the nude one (or beige, whatever you wanna say) and I was surfing through the internet and found this gorgeous Jimmy Choo agnes pink heels and it was love at first sight. I know that it would be perfect on my feet and perfect for my posture and my skin colour, and the next thing I know I’m already in the store drinking the champagne while trying the shoes on.

As I try the ‘Agnes Pump’, that moment I figured that every girl must have a Jimmy Choo.





These Jimmy Choo shoes are as comfortable as Christian Louboutin. I probably like leather more than patent because leather they will follow the shape of your feet (eventually) but bottom line I love both of them. I LOVE SHOES ❤ 

Bits of photo from Milano

IMG_9479 IMG_9488 IMG_9489 IMG_9500 IMG_9520


Wish-list Wednesday

I’ve been having my wish-list since God-knows-when and it just keep getting longer and endless and I want to share it with you guys.

Fendi 2jours bag

I just love them in every colour.

Look at those gorgeous Dolce & Gabbana Miss Sicily bags, can’t get my eyes off them, especially the lace one.

This Louise PM bag has been my long-time wish-list and apparently it’s only for summer and I will not get the chance to buy it :”(

OH MY GOSH, this Petite Malle just makes me want to do crime in Louis Vuitton store. jk tho…

This year Louis Vuitton definitely makes me desperate like a horse and just go to this site and you will know what I feel

Who doesn’t want to feel like Carrie? Everybody does!

(I take this pic from @mmehuillet a.k.a Kiki Siantar Huillet)

And this Valentino shoes is absolutely everyone’s wish-list. Am I correct?

And lastly, is the collection that I will never can buy ever again 😦 which is very sad and very devastating and I just wish I can rewind the time so I can at least buy one of the dress or coat even though I want all of the collection…


This very beautiful collection by Red Valentino. Red Valentino is my favourite brand for dress and clothes because it’s very feminine and cute and it’s just very me! even though I cannot afford any of it (lol-ing at my life)

Look at this site to view the complete collection

and then, there is this jacket that I’ve been eyeing

Mr. Valentino, you could kill me if you make more beautiful coats and clothing !!!!!

So know tell me about your wish-list cause I’m curious xoxo


It feels so annoying when you see all the picture form fashion week and they all dress-up so fabulous while you are here, behind the laptop, looking at the picture, in pyjama. I’ve been in love with shoes, handbags, clothes, accessories for quite a long time and I cannot wait until I can work and find my own money to buy my own Chanel and Hermes, Dior shoes, Giambattista dresses. Oh my gosh, and here I am, still in my second out of seven semester, waiting for two and a half more year until I graduate. Who feel the same way as I am, RAISE YOUR HAND!! I’ve been dreaming to have my Fendi 2jours bag, Givenchy antigona in camel, pink and black, Valentino rockstud heels in black and grey. And then there’s also Balenciaga bag that have a lot of pretty pastel color. Louis Vuitton petite malle makes me want to graduate quickly, and Nicolas Ghesquière just makes me want to go to Paris. Don’t forget that cute nano Celine in the window display every time I pass through the store. God give me miracle!!! Looking at Anna Dello Russo, Bryanboy, Chiara Ferragni the Blonde Salad change their clothes and shoes and even handbags all the effing time. I can’t even~ they even hangout with the cool people: Anna Wintour, Karl Lagerfeld, all the fashion models. Jealousy Alert! and here again, me following every brand in this world and waiting for their update of fashion but didn’t buy. hahaha.

Enough with the complain, I’m going to Milan this Saturday and I’m hoping to bring back a pair of shoes, perhaps Giuseppe Zanoti or Jimmy Choo. Peace out to the fashion lover but still do window shopping xoxo


I know that I promised to tell you guys about my vacation in Paris. Due to my school assignments and load of stuff that I have to do, I’m not able to precisely tell everything about Paris. But I have to say that Paris is one magical place to visit. I really enjoy my time when I was in Paris. So, I just gonna post pictures that I took from my camera and iPhone. I realize that I also did not take many pictures. Guess I’m enjoying too much in Paris.

To sum up, J’aime Paris

Pink Timberland Boots

I bought a new pair of boots and it’s from Timberland. Usually Timberland boots are in yellow-brown colour, but I have looked for this exact colour and model and finally bought it yesterday. It’s so rare to have a pink colour Timberland boots and I’m so lucky because I have searched for this for one year. I really recommend it to you guys to buy boots in different colour even though in Autumn, the brown colour suits everything, but it never hurts to have new colour in your wardrobe.

By the way, I will be going to Paris tomorrow for five days and I’m so excited since it will be my second time to go there. I booked an apartment through because I want to feel living like a real parisienne. I will post about it and if you guys have any suggestion of where I should visit please do leave it on the comment, cause I really don’t know Paris.

“Paris is always a good idea.” -Audrey Hepburn

Dark Circle Problem

I have problem with my dark circle. Maybe it’s because I sleep too late almost everyday at starts to build a habit in it. Well, I’m a busy student and all. I tried to use tea bag and cold spoon but I’m too impatient and sometimes I forgot and threw the tea bag and realize I need it!

I went shopping yesterday to Lausanne, since Montreux doesn’t have a lot of place to shop. I went to Globus, it’s like a department store, and I found Bobbi Brown. First of all, I’m not a really make up girl. I only have ‘Naked 3’ palette and ‘A la mode Too Faced Eyes’ palette. I started to use make up when I was 17 year old, not so long ago. But this dark circle of mine been bothering me because I look tired and creepy and look like death human. So, I ask the staff of Bobbi Brown in Globus “Hi, Do you have anything that can cover my dark circle?”, and of course she said “Yes.”, and makes me sit down and let her cover my dark circle.

In the end, I bought five products from Bobbi Brown. I can’t give you like review or something because trust me, I’m not an expert in make up field, at all. I purchased hydrating eye cream, corrector, creamy concealer kit, eyeliner and eyeliner brush. Since I have slanted eyes (typical asian eyes), I like to use eyeliner to make my eyes prettier (I guess?).






Yet, I have not try the products. I always have this feeling when it’s a new thing and too precious to be touch because it’s new! I believe that I’m not the only one have this kind of feeling.

If you guys have tips or suggestion for me about make up, please do tell me in the comment! Cause I’m really a newbie in this area, even though I’ve watch Michelle Phan for such a long time.

“Personalized beauty is about each woman being able to create her own makeup routine that complements her coloring and style.” -Bobbi Brown

Why I love Europa Park

I’ve been to Disneyland and Disneysea. I’ve been to Universal Studios. I’ve been to Legoland. I’ve been to DuFan (theme park in Indonesia that I love so much). What I’m trying to say here is that I’m quite the expert in theme park or adrenaline. Yet, Europa park… Satisfies me like I just eat hundred kilos of raw salmon and tiramisu and chocolate fudge brownies as the desserts. It is definitely different than the other with more than five roller coasters in it. Like Oh My Gosh I really enjoy my day in there. By the way, Europa Park is located in Germany, and for the exact address, go google it yourself.


So this Europa Park is divided into several countries. There are Germany, Italy, France, Switzerland, Greece, England, Russia, Holland, Scandinavia, Austria, Spain, Portugal, Iceland and there are also Children’s World, Grimm’s Enchanted Forest, Adventure Land, and The Minimoys Kingdom (this one is new). Europa Park is surrounded by Hotels where you can stay because this theme park is kinda far from everywhere. Each of the country area is very similar to the culture of the country and it feels like you are travelling around the world in steps only. You guys can see the park map in the internet, to get the picture.

The first roller coaster I ride is the Silver Star (in France). It’s CRAY CRAY!!! I can’t even make a metaphor out of it. You have to try it to know how it feels. Especially when you are in front of the ride, which you have to queue longer than the non-front-row line, but hellyeah it’s worth it! I have to say that Silver Star is the smooth but super crazy kind of ride.






My second ride is the Euro-Mir in Russia. This one is the ride like I’ve never mount before. They simulate it so it looks like you are riding the space ship (?) I don’t really know what exactly they want to mimic, but you do get a lot of twirl in here. This one is the second of my favourite because it’s not that fast and give me time to really enjoy the ride.










The Vindjammer of the boat is not a new thing for me so it’s not really special for me.



This one my friend, is the Blue Fire, in Iceland, is one of the best thing that ever happen in my life. The queue is long as How I Met Your Mother episodes, but it so worth the wait. Good thing takes time right? It spin, swivel, twist, and fast. Well, not as fast as Silver Star but I like this moderate fast. They even have the heart beat rate in the handle of your seat. I just love love love this ride. Blue Fire, I adore you. Sadly, I only have one picture for this ride.


Exactly nest to the Blue Fire is Wodan – Timburcoaster. Basically all the material in this ride is based on wood, which attracts me because it seems like old roller coaster and it’s really rare these days. It does give me different impression from the other coaster, maybe because of the woods? I feel that this is the most harsh coaster I’ve ever ride. Oh well, as long as it still give me that rush in my heart, I don’t mind at all.








Hungry? Duh, after walking from one to another and all the kisses from the sun, it is time to re-charge. Europa Park did not let me down by a normal hot dog or hamburger. This cool restaurant called FoodLoop, the most innovative and creative restaurant I have ever been. Foodloop is a self-service restaurant where you order your food from a screen (provided in each table) and then the food will come to each table from the tracks (I don’t know what they call it). It was indeed a fun and one-of-a-kind experience.
















Since Europa Parks is so big, they provide trains and monorail to make us easier to reach from one place to another.


Europa Park really do imitate the culture and infrastructure.


Europa Park is so amazing with details and Grimm’s Enchanted Forest really is enchanted. It feels so magical in there and I do have a lot of fun just like the girl who press the handle of the door and there is sound coming out from it.





This flower is from The Minimoys Kingdom. I sadly don’t have any decent picture because I was having too much fun and taking blurry, crappy pictures as the result. But Minimoys Kingdom really is something and so similar with the one in the film (you should watch it if you haven’t!).


There are lots of water rides in here. However, I didn’t bring any spare clothes for me to change and I don’t want to take the risk to get cold/flu. So, I’m not done with you Europa Park and I’ll be back.



As you can see I was riding a unicorn, got my missing slipper and I was enjoying my day in Europa Park. I feel so pleased, content, and fulfilled. I was saying myself, “finally something different from space mountain.” Europa Park is so cool, at least for me and I was having a great time in this paradise, with only €35 for the entrance.






“Never, ever underestimate the importance of having fun.” -Randy Pausch